E.L.F. Santa’s Supply Chain

December 10, 2020

Everyone talks about Santa's big night on his sleigh - a vision of efficiency with millions of chimneys traversed in a mere 24 hours. There's even a Kaggle contest to help him every year! But that's just the last mile.

Santa's operation is actually a huge global supply chain that only ends in that infamous flight the night of 12/24.

So, we thought we'd give Santa and ELF (Elven Logistics and Freight) a helping hand this holiday season, especially given the extra wrench COVID threw in their normal operations. In fact, Forbes even covered the fact that Santa has to operate with far fewer elves and tighter schedules this year. Santa's normal suppliers fell behind this year and toy production plans were disrupted. ELF had to send its own fleet of North Pole sleighs to do the job of sourcing and it seemed like supply levels changed almost daily!

So what did this super team manage to do? Nextmv Cloud helped ELF build an efficient Reindeer Fleet Router © that could respond to the latest supply levels in seconds using Hop, our decision modeling and optimization tool.


Dasher, Prancer, Vixen and the whole crew put in quite a number of overtime hours, running daily routes to pick up supplies across the globe - with a little jet powered help of course 😉

You may not have reindeer, but you can try out the base model on Nextmv Cloud!

Happy Hopping!

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