We’re changing the way companies make decisions.

Nextmv gives developers the building blocks to create and test algorithms, quickly.

Our Values

Our values are aspirational and affect everything we do. At nextmv, we hope to instill core attributes and practices into our daily lives. We will work toward these goals together, and help each other along the way.

Also, we love animals.

nextmv's Values


We act as a group of skilled contributors with diverse backgrounds and a common mission. We listen to each other to actively instill empathy in ourselves. We introspect about our actions and their impacts.


We share information, from company strategy to small insights and feedback. We review our decisions and code using the same process. We own our mistakes and admit our vulnerabilities.


We are ambitious and value achievement over status. We are innately driven to innovate and improve the world. We apply our time and skills effectively to challenging problems.


We separate our work from our self-worth to view and improve it objectively. We don't overwork, and take regular time away to encourage creativity. We take care of ourselves so we can give our best to our team.