Find the right approach to every condition

Dash is a commercial-grade simulation engine that provides an environment to “A/B test” models online, using real, production data.

Online A/B tests for models

To operate a successful business today, it’s not enough to ask the right questions. You also need the tools to answer them definitively and in terms your stakeholders understand — KPIs and profitability. If you’re using last month’s data to test next week’s model, you’re projecting results based on a piece of history that might not matter anymore. Dash provides developers with the ability to A/B test models as easily and thoroughly as other departments can A/B test website copy.

For each decision model, Dash provides a periodic, real-time projection of results based on current system state and input data dynamically generated from recent event patterns. Dash delivers objective answers grounded in recent complexities, not historical summaries. Results can also be added to a queryable dataset so you can always understand if the answer to a question has changed since the last time it was asked.


Dash helps you answer questions from domain experts across the organization like:

  • How does base production performance change as demand goes up or down?
  • What if I add a new enterprise contract with different SLAs?
  • What if I want to prioritize the best workers during the busiest times?
  • If my value function changes, which model produces the best results?
Dash Chart

Dash takes the guesswork out of modeling. Objective results. Identical conditions.

Parametric studies to speak in KPIs

Pressure test your models under many conditions to achieve KPIs & Profitability

Open source and visualization tools

Works with open source analysis & visualization tools

Statistical significance faster

Faster time to statistical significance on experiments

Dash Integrations

Seamless Integration

Dash easily integrates with your existing monitoring and alerting infrastructure so when you receive an alert based on changing conditions, you can respond right away and capture the most value possible.

Responsive in production

Nimble in Production

Once you’ve established which model performs best under different conditions, Dash also enables you to switch between models as real world conditions change.

Dash through industries

Dash can be deployed to pressure test any model across any industry and quickly deliver definitive answers to experiments.

Use cases for Hop

On Demand Delivery

Will your current model grow as your number of orders, couriers, and suppliers do? Does an alternative model deliver acceptable results more quickly under demand spikes or use couriers more efficiently during quiet periods?


How should you change packaging options or inventory strategy in response to a given change in purchasing patterns?

IT - Infrastructure Management

How should job scheduling & scaling change in response to dynamically-priced resources becoming more or less expensive? What’s the expected net impact of introducing a new “must run by date” constraint to the job queue?


What’s the net effect of being able to move from full order fulfillment to partial? Is it more valuable to wholly fill orders for groups of retailers sequentially or to partially fill orders for all retailers simultaneously?

Sales Operations

At what point will promotional orders no longer be able to be filled & delivered per agreed-upon timelines? How does expected wait time vary given different potential call center staffing schedules?

And so many more...