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nextmv gives developers the building blocks to create and test logistics algorithms, quickly.

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Improve and understand your logistics operations.

    Build models to...

  • 🚌 Dynamically route buses for passenger requests.

  • 📉 Minimize shipping cost for packages.

  • 📆 Schedule workers based on demand forecasts.

func main() {
        func(p plan, opt solve.Options) (solve.Solver, error) {
            return solve.Minimizer(p, opt), nil

Increase your margins.

  • Money

    You know you are leaving money on the table with inefficient routes, prices, or matches.

  • Data Scientist

    You want more sophistication than Uber but don’t have time or money to build infrastructure and hire 30+ data scientists.

  • Robot

    You want to automate your operations before you struggle with the roller coaster of growth and scale.

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