We believe that models should be more like software.

You shouldn’t need a wizard️ to automate delivery routes or a scientist to build a shift scheduler.

The Team

We’re entrepreneurs, volleyball coaches, cat lovers, and polyglots who are passionate about helping engineering teams work better.


Carolyn Mooney

CEO, Co-Founder

Carolyn analyzed simulations at Lockheed (missiles) and Zoomer (pizzas) before running Grubhub's Systems Engineering team. While not starting companies, she coaches volleyball or plays with nextmv's CDO, Wally, at the park.

Ryan O'Neil

CTO, Co-Founder

Ryan was an optimization wizard long before he led the Decision Engineering departments at Zoomer and Grubhub. He loves early baroque music and cats, especially his calico, Catalina.

Andrew Hoagland


Andrew is a startup veteran, previously building Vetd, and was also an early hire at RJMetrics and Sidecare as a sales leader. He loves running, reading, golfing, practicing his Chinese and working with new founders in the Philly area.

Stephen Horne

Decision Engineer II

Stephen was an accordion repair technician and professional musician before teaching himself to code. He likes to study natural languages, explore the wilderness and eat spicy food.

Abimbola Sanusi

Decision Analyst Intern

Abimbola is an MBA student at Florida A&M School of Business. Previously, she worked as a finance analyst and investment banker. Her favorite activities include traveling and sports.

Courtney Scott

Decision Analyst

Courtney previously worked on teams developing systems for enterprise applications, surveillance, and peer-peer payment. In his downtime, he enjoys rock climbing, and cycling.

Lars Beckmann

Head of Decision Science

Lars studied computer science and specialized in operations research. He is a former MSFT employee and likes to invent things to solve problems, i.e. card games to cure boredom and a modeling language to make math models testable. He plays tennis and sings in a choir (bass).

Lee Trout

Head of Decision Engineering

Lee embodies the spirit of "a jack of all trades" with an education in 3D graphics and special effects followed by 14 years of programming in several industries and startups. His hobby is trying hobbies and he loves flying, riding motorcycles, cooking and board and video games.

Nicole Misek

Head of Decision Analysis

Nicole is a statistician who worked in the IRS problem space before moving on to Grubhub where she designed and analyzed experiments. She loves traveling, hiking, animals, and eating her vegetables.

Marius Merschformann

Senior Decision Scientist

Marius fell in love with complex decision problems early on during his studies. He worked on numerous optimization algorithms and simulation models, mostly in the automation and robotics industry. Apart from that, you can find him 3D-printing for DIY projects or downhill longboarding.

Brandon Hopkins

Senior Decision Engineer

Before nextmv, Brandon was writing Go and JavaScript at the New York Times and Medium. He also spent three months at The Recurse Center learning about database internals. He enjoys cooking, hiking, and identifying wild plants and mushrooms.

Ashley Simone

Senior Decision Analyst

Ashley is a systems engineer who designed simulations of ballistic missile defense at Lockheed Martin before switching to designing delivery logistics at Grubhub. She loves cooking, board games, and her life motto is “Always be crafty”.


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